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Return and Exchange Policy

Custom Patches Canada offers a return and exchange policy that keeps buyer reassured that they can return, and exchanged in case any one or more than more circumstances takes place:

    The delivered product was different from what was ordered

    The delivered product was damaged. In this situation, an evidence needs to be presented while making the claim

    The delivered product was of the wrong size

    The customization of the delivered product was not done according to the brief

However, the return and exchange policy will not be effective if:

    The delivered product was perfect, and none of the situations above was satisfied

    The brief shared with us was wrong, and now the client wishes a refund

    There was a delay in delivery from the logistics end

    The order was returned due to the wrong address shared by the client

    The buyer involves a third party like a friend, family, or lawyer, instead of making a claim itself.

If the mistake occurs from our end, the shipping charges would be borne by us. If not, the client would be responsible.