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Refund Policy

Custom Patches Canada is known for being highly customer focused with its service and commitments. The customer support team is always available to render solutions to any problems that could have been evoking the order cancellation or refund claim from the other end. However, if the refund claim is made for any genuine reason, following refund policies would be effective.

Refunds will be only applicable, if:

    The order was canceled within the suggested time frame. Only a certain % of the refund shall be made as discussed in the order cancellation policy.

    The payment was deducted twice, by mistake.

    The wrong product was sent to you. However, in such situations, a return and exchange policy might also be applicable.

    The size, color, or any of the brief was missed by us, and the customization was not done accordingly.

Refund will not be applicable, if:

    The buyer changes their mind and no genuine reason is given to claim a refund.

    The buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the end product.

    The buyer is not satisfied with the design, because before forwarding it to the production team, design approval is taken from the buyer.

    The buyer is not active during the process of refund

    The buyer involves a third party like a friend, family, or lawyer, instead of making a claim itself.

Custom Patches Canada holds the right to refuse the refund claim from the client’s end.