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Top-Quality Custom Patches Canada at Unbeatable Price

Top-quality patches on your demands. Get amazing custom embroidered patches online based on your creative ideas with free shipping.



An Exemplary Service for Top-Quality Custom Embroidered Patches Canada

Do you want to design patches in your own way and with your own ideas? Custom Patches Canada offers you an exciting source to get your customised patches online without any hassle. It has been an honor to be one of Canada’s leading brands, delivering the highest quality in patches. From taking orders to delivering them to your doorsteps, we guarantee to take excellent care of your custom patches.

What’s more, our outstanding customer support never fails to make things convenient for you. From choosing the right patch material to backing options to the patch shape, we are here to guide you in making satisfactory decisions. Our lively team will help you from the beginning till you receive your order and even after that to make your experience special.

The way our artisans work on each order is beyond words. Every individual in our team of workers is gifted with some extraordinary skills and creativity that they implement while designing the patch. They have 10+ years of successful history in meticulously stitching, cutting, and designing incredible custom patches Vancouver, making them attention-worthy.

Our Custom Patches Toronto Serving Variety of Purposes

If you wonder what sorts of patches we make, we assure you there is no limit to our patch creations that serve multiple purposes. The best part about designing patches is that you can make them just like you want and use them on any clothing item of your choice. From uniforms, sports teams, and business brandings to special events, personal apparel, and others, you can get your embroidered patches Toronto from here.


Want great items for your business brandings? Add patches to your list as an essential item to promote your brand’s identity. Design sophisticated and professional custom leather patches Canada, use them on different items, and distribute them on special occasions as a gift to your employees.


Bring unity to your group by designing top-tier patches for a variety of uniforms. Whether for a sports team, school apparel, martial arts, or military service, you can order our embroidered logo patches as per the theme of your clothing item. The colour selection, design, thread option, and shape style will speak about your teamwork.


Make your special events memorable by bringing everyone together with mind-blowing patches. Whether it’s a trip with your mates, a ceremony at the office, or an annual dinner at university, an elegant patch will serve as a sparkle. You can even get your custom hat patches Canada to make your gathering even more special.

Personal Use

If you are interested in wearing your own designed styles, what’s stopping you from adding breathtaking patches to them? Our services offer exceptional options to style the patches for your personal use. Choose the design and get your own custom iron on patches Canada to make your outfit stand out.

Your Go-to Source for Top-Notch Custom Patches Calgary with Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

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Reasons to Choose Our Custom Embroidery Patches Canada

Our Outstanding services never leave a chance to earn customer satisfaction. So, here are some factors that make us stand out:


Inexpensive Service

The most favourable part of our clients about our services is the rates. Our patches are made at more reasonable rates than any other brand. So, get your custom embroidery patches Canada at competitive prices.


High-Quality Materials

Each material used to design a patch, from its fabric to backing to threads, is of the highest quality. We guarantee 100% original material and deliver each patch with extreme care and quality assurance.


Active Customer Support

Your questions and queries will never go unanswered here. Our customer support is active round the clock to respond to you and guide you. So, leave a text and get in touch with us to clear your doubts.


Superb Craftsmanship

Each of our craftsmen in the team is dedicated to skillfully working on your orders as per your demands. They are experienced and skilled enough to deliver flawless work within no time.

How to Order (Define in Easy Steps)

Don’t worry even if it’s your first time customising your patches with us. Our procedure for ordering our custom embroidered patches in Canada is simple and quick. Just follow the following easy steps:

Step 1

Share Your Ideas

Select your designs, whether logos, images, or embroidered patches, and share your ideas with us. Select from the options, from backings and material to patch shapes and colours, and customise it.

Step 2

Let Us Design it

Give us some time to digitally work on your designed idea and breathe life into it. Our digital designs work as a draft before we actually start working on your design.

Step 3

Approve the Digital Patch

Once the digital design of your patch is done, we will send you the sample as proof. We won’t move forward with crafting it until we receive approval from you.

Step 4

Receive and Enjoy!

After receiving your approval, our artisans work on them, adding each and every detail that you designed to your patch. Once it is done, you will receive your embroidered patches Canada on your doorsteps.

Our Remarkable Samples

If you are confused or in search of some astonishing ideas, here are some of our best samples that you must explore:


Genuine Reviews That Endorses Our Custom Patches in Canada


I am amazed by the excellent customer service. The customer support team gently guided me through every step and helped me create my own patch for my daughter’s birthday dress.


I designed an embroidered logo patch for my football team and sent it to Custom Patch Canada. To my surprise, they made amazing patches exactly the same as my design. Hats off!


I urgently needed logos for my students for a school event when I came across this marvellous platform. They worked on my designs and delivered over 150 patches within a very short time. I am truly impressed.


I am highly satisfied with the rates and quality of work. The patches I designed came in an unbeatable quality, which was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this service to everyone.

Frequently Asked Question

What Makes Custom Patch Canada Stand Out?
Our quality assurance and dedication to our craftsmanship are what makes us stand out. Our skilled workers make it possible for us to deliver 100+ orders per day.
What If I Want to Make Changes in My Design?
You can make as many changes as you want as long as you have the digital draft to design your own creative patches. After you send it to the workers to produce the patch, you will approach our customer support in case of making a change.
How Much Do I Have to Pay for My Custom Patch?
Your payment is completely based on the material, thread, dyes, shape, size, backing, and other options you choose to create a patch. But, we guarantee comfortable rates that you can easily afford.
Can We Design Different Patch Sizes in One Order?
Unfortunately, you can select only one size in one order. The reason is that we need to set up a new machine for every design.
What Types of Patches Do You Offer?
We offer multiple patches, from woven, PVC, and leather patches to embroidered, bullion, and printed patches.
How Long Does the Order Process Take?
The production of your custom-designed patches takes up to 2-4 days, after which you get notified about the completion of the process.
Do You Offer Your Services Beyond Canada?
Yes! We ship custom patches worldwide. Our warehouse is in Canada, but our services extend to different parts of the world.

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